Biffy Theatre

As many of you will be aware, i’ve been bouncing about like a giddy goat, stage left, with Biffy Clyro for the last couple of years. It’s a lovely position to be in being as a) i’m a massive fan of their stuff and b) they’re absolute sweethearts. 

This weekend, however, i’m unable to perform my duties at the Isle Of Wight festival (and the following day’s gig in Luxembourg) as my wife and i are expecting our first child. Like, any minute now. Having known about this for a while, i’ve handed over rawk responsibilities to Gambler for these shows. 

If you’re going to these gigs, give him a warm welcome. But pelt him with piss if he takes his top off. That’s NOT allowed.

Lots of love,


PS - Sorry for the delay on EP2. It’s all my fault. Well, my wife’s too, to be fair.

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